Yeo Valley Primary School

Yeo Valley Primary School

Trip to London

After an incredibly early start we arrived in London ready for our first activity, a Matilda Workshop.

Run by the Royal Shakespeare Company, the children took part in role play: how to deliver lines and character analysis. All very interesting, setting the scene nicely for watching the show later that day.

After eating our picnic in a wet Leicester Square we boarded the Original Bus Tour. Name a sight and we saw it. It drizzled a little but we didn’t care. We were too busy admiring the sights and listening to the amazing facts from our tour guide.


We left the bus to walk up Whitehall, stopping at Downing Street, Horse Guards Parade and Trafalgar Square.


We watched a brilliant mime artist at Covent Garden before making our way to dinner in a cool underground restaurant. The cast of children were eating in there. We met Matilda!!!

It was a great start to the evening. How can I describe Matilda? Amazing. I could watch it over and over again. The children were mesmerised. We all left singing the songs and tired but happy made our way to St. Pauls YHA.

After breakfast and a quick tube journey, we were first in the queue for the Natural History Museum. We focused on the dinosaurs and mammals areas before taking part in a great workshop where we, goggles and brushes in hand, unearthed dinosaur bones.

The River Tour was delightful, the sun shone and we marvelled at buildings and found out many interesting things.

Soon, after a quick trip to a tourist shop, we reflected on our trip having dinner at Covent Garden, before boarding the coach back to Devon.

Busy, exciting, action packed – a wonderful London trip.

The start of many more!!!

Mrs L. Unsworth