Yeo Valley Primary School

Yeo Valley Primary School

ICT Suite


Yeo Valley Primary School has a dedicated ICTsuite housed in its own air-conditioned and secure room within the main building of the school. The ICT suite consists of 24 computers, so all pupils and the teacher have their own machine on which to work.


The computers in the ICT suite and in the classroom are connected to the school network, with data served centrally on the curriculum server enabling files to be accessed from anywhere in the school. Pupils and staff have their own individual username to log on to the network, which controls access to data. Most classes are taught in half sized groups for one-hour in the ICT suite each week, but pupils can continue their work on the classroom computers at other times during the week. For children's safety the School has a Responsible Internet Usage and filtering policy; access to the internet from within school is monitored closely by teaching staff and children are taught safe internet practice. Each child has their own home directory, and they are taught to organise their files into folders. Administration data is held securely on a separate server and network. Users also have access to the wireless network giving them the freedom to access their files or the internet from anywhere in the school.

Year 6 Digital Leaders

      Digital Leaders

  Digital Leaders are four pupils from year 6 who regularly meet with Mrs. Jaquemet (the ICT coordinator) to discuss and plan improvements around school. They explore and review new software and encourage others to use ICT more effectively. They help promote and inspire Computing in our school by encouraging younger children and supporting them during Computer Club and Code Club sessions.