Yeo Valley Primary School

Yeo Valley Primary School

Ofsted Report

Inspection dates

15 - 16th October 2014

Inspectors observed teaching in 15 lessons, with one observation being undertaken jointly with the headteacher. They also observed small-group teaching of phonics (linking letters and sounds) and listended to some pupils read.

Inspectors looked at pupil's work in their books and spoke to others about their work and other aspects of school. An inspector observed pupils at playtime.

Inspectors held meetings with the headteacher and members of staff. They discussed many aspects of the school's work, including pupils' progress in literacy and numeracy and the progress of disabled pupils and those with special educational needs.

Inspectors examined a range of sxhool documentation including records of the quality of teaching, the school's information on pupils' progress, the sport funding action plane, the school improvement plan and records of behaviour, attendance and safeguarding.

A meeting was held with four governors, including the Chair of the Governing Body. The lead inspector also spoke with an officer from the local authority.

The views of parents were taken into consideration, including the views of several parents spoken to at the start of the school day. Too few responses wer made on Parent View, the online questionnaire, to enable any analysis. However, inspectors considered the analysis of the school's own recent parents' survey.

The opinions of staff werre also considered using the 11 responses to the staff questionnaire.

Our Ofsted inspection results can be found over on the Ofsted site.